Understanding Macros: A Cheat Sheet

In the weight loss world, counting calories alone is pretty much flushing money down the toilet. If you’re counting calories and hoping to lose weight without paying attention to the macronutrient amounts of the foods you are eating, you are wasting your time. Period. Wait- you’re not supposed to count calories? But isn’t losing weight… [Continue Reading]


Morning Workouts Can Produce Big Results

One of my clients is training for her first fitness competition and my first order of business as her coach was to have her do her cardio first thing in the morning. Just 30 minutes of light to moderate activity can be highly effective for fat loss. I used this method to prepare for all three of my… [Continue Reading]


TV’s Big Fat Lie About Weight Loss

Warning: rant about to go down. Today I am fed up. I have had it with our society treating weight loss and health like a numbers game. I am tired of unrealistic expectations of weight loss setting people up for disappointment and, ultimately, failure, if they don’t produce big changes on the scale after starting… [Continue Reading]


Nine Ways to Eat Out Without Sabotaging Your Diet

When you’re trying to lose weight or eat healthier one of the hardest things can be navigating restaurant menus. When I was training for my first fitness competition, the thought of eating at a restaurant was so terrifying I chose to just avoid it. This, however, can cause you to isolate yourself and alienate family… [Continue Reading]


Plank Power! Flatten Your Belly with One Move

One of the most effective exercises at building endurance through your entire core is the plank. If you’ve been to a group exercise or yoga class in the past ten years you’ve probably done some variation of a plank. There are many different ways to plank, from basic to advanced. Start by mastering a basic… [Continue Reading]